Anais Nana

I met Caroline in New York at the Youth Start conference where she won the prize of “Best Coach of the year” and I won the prize of “Best Young Entrepreneur of the year”. We clicked right from the start. It was fun and she gave me some valuable advice.

Caroline has charisma and confidence. She knows what she wants and she’s good at what she does.

Caroline gives people the key to empower themselves, and she brings experience, energy and a big smile to the occasion.

Once upon a time in a world where sensitive women underdog a lot, minimized their core potential and silenced their dreams.
Until one day, they are reminded of their higher-self and free their buried and forgotten potential.
Because of this they dare…
Because of this they create a better world for them and everyone else
Until finally we all connect! (from Caroline’s notebook)

Anais Nana
Creatieve onderneemster